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The #MeToo movement has approached like a storm, pent up pain and anger unleashed in public reckoning. Lurid accounts of sexual harassment and bullying by men who used their power to control women’s access to opportunity are unsettling, but coming with such velocity in a variety of fields – entertainment to law to auto plants – that it cannot be just a few confused, troubled men. We have a cultural challenge to engage.

We have always known we had a gender equity issue with pay, job access and promotions. We have passed laws, but pay gaps persist. And whether we are talking about the C-suite in corporate America, Congress, Silicon Valley, the film industry, science, academia, Broadway, the Supreme Court or professional or college sports (and I could go on), women are underrepresented in positions of power and influence. And there are certain jobs they are not “supposed to” hold.

Here we celebrate women who have stepped up, spoken out for themselves and others, who have used their labor and their voices to move the conversation forward. Profiles by Nicole Mo, Laura Pappano and Emily Stark. 

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