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The Yale Women Faculty Forum is pleased to continue our seed grant program in the 2023-2024 year. We offer these grants to identify innovative ways to support the WFF mission by investing in the diverse work of faculty and student scholars at Yale. We extend this program to support our tripartite mission of fostering gender equity throughout the University via policy initiatives and research; promoting scholarship on women and gender across the university; and promoting mentorship, collaboration, and networking. We aim to expand research in areas of gender study and build visibility for issues and policies relating to gender in higher education.

Eligibility: Faculty, postdoctoral, graduate, and undergraduate scholars at Yale University are eligible to apply. We will give preference to seed grants leading to other projects and to applicants without access to other sources of funding. We welcome projects in all disciplines, without restrictions on methodologies or formats. 

Deadlines and Notification: We have one application cycle each semester with the following deadlines: October 6th for the Fall of 2023 and February 16th for the Spring of 2024. Applicants will normally be notified of award status within two weeks following each deadline. Applications submitted for each cycle will be kept on file and may be considered in successive rounds; you need only apply once within each academic year.

Application Procedure: Please complete the grant application through this Qualtics link.

The required components include:

  1. Project Description: Provide a maximum of one-page description of your project. Please outline the aims, scope, methods, work accomplished to date, and how the project relates to the goals and mission of WFF.
  2. Project Abstract: Provide a short abstract about your project and its relationship to the WFF mission (150-200 words). Grant recipients’ abstracts will be recognized on the WFF website. 
  3. Budget: Present the distribution of your requested amount, itemizing expenses.  Please indicate what other sources of support you have or for which there are applications pending.
  4. CV or Resume.

Criteria for Review: Applications will be reviewed by the committee and selected according to the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to WFF mission and theme;

  2. Productive distribution of grant funds, with preference for projects where WFF funds will make it possible to complete work that would otherwise be difficult;

  3. Quality and originality of the proposal.

Grantees commit to presenting their work to the WFF committee in the form of a poster, podcast, or creative exhibit. 

Amounts: Amounts ranging from $200-$2000

Allowable Expenses: We make no explicit exclusions to legitimate research expenses. Researchers are expected to comply with university policies regarding human research participants and acceptable research expenses.

Please email if you have any questions about the application process.

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