2017-2018 Public Voices Fellows

  • Saima Akhtar: Postdoctoral Associate, Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage 
  • Bachaar Arnaout: Assistant Professor, Psychiatry 
  • Chyrell Bellamy: Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
  • Kali Cyrus: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry 
  • Robin Dembroff: Assistant Professor, Philosophy 
  • Emily Erikson: Associate Professor, Sociology 
  • Andrew Faas: Founder, Faas Foundation  
  • Marta Figlerowicz: Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature and English 
  • Moira Fradinger: Associate Professor, Department of Comparative Literature 
  • Amir Haji-Akbari: Assistant Professor Chemical & Environmental Engineering
  • Annie Harper: Research Scientist
  • Danya Keene: Assistant Professor, Public Health (Social & Behavioral Sciences)
  • Katherine McKenzie: Director, Yale Center for Asylum Medicine 
  • Kerry O’Brien: Lecturer, Department of Music 
  • Vinita Parkash: Associate Professor, Pathology and Obstetrics & Gynecology 
  • John Durham Peters: Maria Rosa Menocal Professor of English, Professor of Film and Media Studies
  • Joanna Radin: Associate Professor, History of Science and Medicine 
  • Ayesha Ramachandran: Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature
  • Thania Sanchez: Assistant Professor, Political Science 
  • Eboni Marshall Thurman: Assistant Professor, Theology & African American Religion
  • Janna Wagner: Chief Learning Officer, All Our Kin; Lecturer, Department of Education Studies 
  • Tisa Wenger: Associate Professor, Yale Divinity School 

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