2013-2014 Public Voices Fellowship Cohort

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Fellows for their incredible contributions to public thought leadership:

Rene Almeling: 
PBS NewsHour, Sex cells: The gender divided market for eggs and sperm,” November 29, 2013
New York Times, “The Unregulated Sperm Industry,” November 30, 2013
OZY, “Should Sperm Banks Reveal the Number of Children Per Donor?” April 23, 2014

Emily Coates: 
Huffington Post,Spectral Ballerinas: On a Pedestal, Written Out of History,” January 27, 2014.
New York Times, “If the Devil Taps You, Pretend You Didn’t Feel It,” April 8, 2014
Huffington Post, “Engagement Feminin: Women, Education and Contemporary Dance in West Africa,” June 7, 2014

Cindy Crusto: 
The Root, Watching 12 Years a Slave Could Save Your Life,” December 17, 2013
OMG Center, “In My Academic Journey, I Prefer Not To Walk Alone,” March 27, 2014
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, “Childhood Trauma: A Public Health Problem that Requires a Robust Response,” July 29, 2014

Cheryl Doss: 
Oxfam Blogs, “Killer fact-check: ‘Women own 2% of land’ = not true. What do we really know about women and land?” March 21, 2014.
Huffington Post, “One Thing Every Couple Should Discuss, But Doesn’t,” June 4, 2014
Huffington Post, “Sending My Son to Central America: A Mom’s Reflections on Unaccompanied Children,” August 21, 2014

Alejandra Dubcovsky: 
Huffington Post, “The Winter Olympics, History and Should We Care?” February 20, 2014
Chronicle of Higher Education, “To Understand Science, Study History,” February 24, 2014
Al Jazeera,On data disclosure rules,” March 7, 2014
Washington Post, “The real meaning of diversity (beyond the Benetton ads),” April 18, 2014
Huffington Post, “The cost of free information,” August 21, 2014

Jhumka Gupta: 
The Huffington Post, “The Private Wars of Women,” February 11, 2014

Paula Kavathas: 
The New York Times​Yale Global Online Magazine, “How To Fund The Ebola Fight,” September 18, 2014
The Huffington Post, “A Female Scientist Is Entitled to Her Title,” February 3, 2014

Barbara Kazmierczak: 
CNN.com, What’s in your holiday poultry?” December 11, 2013
The Hill, “Potholes ahead on the road to scientific discovery could make you sick,” August 18, 2014

Jennifer Klein:
Washington Spectator,Revaluing the Labor of Care,” September 19, 2013
The American Prospect, Are Home Health Care Workers About to Get Screwed by the Supreme Court?,” January 22, 2014.
Dissent Magazine, “Caring For America” Podcast. January 24, 2014.
The Real News, “SCOTUS Hears Case with Potentially Huge Consequences for Public Sector Unions,” January 26, 2014
NPR, “War on Poverty is Far from Won,” February 13, 2014
The Washington Post, “Women’s fight for better pay is about more than just money,” March 28, 2014
The Nation, After ‘Harris v. Quinn’: The State of Our Unions,” July 2, 2014
Al Jazeera, “A shameful setback for home care worker rights,” July 3, 2014

Robin Masheb:
The Huffington Post, Bingle Eating in Veterans,” September 12, 2014
The Huffington Post, “When Religion and Dieting Collide: What Did You Give Up for Lent?” March 29, 2013
WSHU Public Radio Group, “New Connecticut law limits tanning bed use,” October 1, 2013
The Huffington Post, “Binge-or-Treat? Find Out if You Have Binge Eating Disorder,” November 1, 2013
Al Jazeera, “General Mills Uses School Box Top Program to Build Next-Gen Loyalty,” April 1, 2014

Sherry McKee: 
American Psychological Association,Speaking of Psychology: Women and Smoking,” January 17, 2014
Academy of Women’s Health, “Smoking Cessation,” March 28, 2014
Women’s E-News, “Time’s Never Right to Quit, so How About Right Now?” June 10, 2014

Linn Tonstad: 
Religion Dispatches, ”Gambling with God: Ryan Bell’s Atheist Bet,” January 10, 2014
Feminism and Religion, Remember the Sabbath Day: The Cost of Difference,” January 10, 2014

Emily Wang: 
Pacific Standard, “Ban the Box: Employing Former Felons will Improve the Economy and Public Safety,” April 7, 2014
Yale Daily News, “Wang Talks Prisons and Healthcare,” April 9, 2014
CNN, “When former prisoners don’t get health care, there are consequences,” August 4, 2014

Elisabeth Wood:
Al Jazeera, “Is rape inevitable in war?” February 21, 2014.
Washington Post, “Four things everyone should know about wartime sexual violence,” June 9, 2014

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