Andrea Aldrich

Andrea Aldrich, Ph.D., is a lecturer in Yale’s Department of Political Science. Her research interests are focused on political representation, gender, and comparative political institutions. She is also the co-chair of the Political Parties Research Network for the Council for European Studies and a member of the Political Parties Database Project (PPDB). 

Aldrich’s Seed Grant project, “The Consequences of Gender Quotas for the Women of the European Parliament,” explores the causal effect of the introduction of gender quotas on the distribution of legislators’ professional and political qualifications for the European Parliament (EP). Her project leverages the EP’s unique configuration and quota system to examine these legislators’ career trajectories, both professional and political, before and after the introduction of simple quotas and placement mandates. Aldrich, along with her collaborator William Daniel, an Assistant Professor of Comparative Politics at the University of Nottingham, compared these patterns to patterns in member states that have never uses quotas in order to determine if patterns of representation have changed after quotas are implemented. While previous studies have shown that quotas can eliminate gendered differences in descriptive representation, Aldrich looks to test whether the use of quotas has a causal effect on the type of legislator, whether male or female, that serves in the legislature.

To learn more about Aldrich’s methodology and research findings, please view her poster presentation. 

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