Past Conferences

Visible/Invisible: Framing and Reframing Gender, Race, and Intersectionality
  • On February 7, 2020, as the campus marks 50WomenAtYale150, and the country the 100th year of the potential for women to vote, WFF convened a day to reflect on women at Yale.  WFF convened a colloquium to reflect on what the “first entry” of women at the university meant and about the past, current, and future shape of gender equity policies at Yale as well as its import for gender in the curriculum and the scholarly and leadership missions of the University.

Gender Rules: Conversations About Access, Outcome, and Equality” (2014-2015)

  • The WFF partnered with YaleWomen to organize a conference on gender and institutional policy. On November 1st, more than 300 alumni, students, faculty, staff, and administrators gathered in the School of Management to hear from experts on gender equity research and advocacy. There were five panels with speakers making short presentations followed by open conversation with attendees. To see the full account of the event, check out the Storify digest by YaleWomen here

International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU): Women in Higher Education (2008)

  • On April 21, 2008, Yale hosted “Women and Men in the Globalizing University,” a conference of the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). This one-day colloquium continued the IARU research project on Women and Higher education and built upon the conversation begun at the first meeting of this group at Cambridge University in September 2006. For the colloquium on gender and higher education, some forty Yale faculty members and administrators joined representatives from each of the ten IARU member universities and experts from other institutions and foundations.

Citizenship, Borders, and Gender: Mobility and Immobility” (2003)

  • In May 2003, the WFF hosted the “Citizenship, Borders, and Gender: Mobility and Immobility” conference cosponsored by the Woodward Fund, Yale Center for International & Area Studies, Crossing Borders Initiative, and the Yale Law School. It brought together twenty-five scholars from Yale and other institutions to discuss how best to situate gender in the context of the new shape of citizenship in a globalized world.

Gender Matters (2001)

  • Gender Matters: Women and Yale in its Third Century: This volume contains the proceedings of a conference that constituted one of the principal highlights of Yale’s Tercentennial celebration during the year 2001. It is the result of an effort initiated by Professors Nancy Cott, Dolores Hayden, and Judith Resnik to mark the role of women at Yale. 

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