2011-2012 Public Voices Fellowship Cohort

List of published opinion pieces as result of the program:

Kathryn Dudley
New York Times, “Luthiers: the Latest Endangered Species,” October 25, 2011

Inderpal Grewal
Huffington Post International Page, “When Voices Get Silenced …..and Heard,’’ February 7, 2012
Huffington Post, A Lesson from Steve Jobs: Art and Technology Education are Related,” October 12, 2011
Christian Science Monitor
, “Separate DSK accuser’s asylum story from her New York rape story,’’ July 14, 2011 

PBS/Need to Know (“Voices’’): “Where Are India’s Missing Girls? on selective abortion in India,” June 21, 2011

Ellen Lust
“Room for Debate’’ New York Times,  “Allies Should Beware Blank Checks,’’  Feb. 1, 2012
CNN, “Hope on Egypt’s Hair-raising Road Toward Democracy,’’ November 25, 2011
Christian Science Monitor, “Morocco’s Elections Aren’t a Model for Arab Spring, as West Claims,’’ November 28, 2011
CNNVote a Critical Hurdle for Tunisia,’’ October 22, 2011
PBS/Need to Know (“Voices’’): Bin Laden’s Dead, but Challenges Remain,’’ May 5, 2011

Carolyn Mazure
Huffington Post, “Don’t Ignore Women’s Health,” August 17, 2011
PBS/Need to Know (“Voices’’), “Rick Perry: Man of Science?” October 6, 2011

Priya Natarajan 
India in Transition, ”Transforming India into a Knowledge Power,”  January 14, 2013
Hindustan Times, ”Our Footsteps on the Moon,” January 10, 2013
Washington Post Outlook section, “Want Your Kid to be a Scientist? Start in Elementary School,’’ Thursday Feb. 2, 2012
Huffington Post, “Close the Math Gap,’’ August 31, 2011

Frances Rosenbluth
Business Front, Huffington Post, “To Get More Women in the Boardroom, We Need More Men at Home,” March 14, 2012
Christian Science Monitor, For women’s career equality: parent-friendly work, Equal Rights Amendment,’’ June 30, 2011

Jody Sindelar
CNN Opinion, “Can Smaller Pack Sizes Help Smokers Quit?’’ November 18, 2011
WWL-AM talk show, New Orleans, October 9, 2011
CNN TV to discuss the idea of paying smokers to quit (transcript of her appearance is here, in last third of document) October 7, 2011 
CNN, ”Should we Pay People to Stop Smoking?” October 5, 2011

Meg Urry
CNN, “The Sun, the Moon and the Titanic,” March 17, 2012
CNN, “Two New Earths and the Search for Life,” Dec. 26, 2011
CNN, “Keep Hubble successor on track,”  December 05, 2011
CNN, “Earth’s Close Encounter with an Asteroid,” November 10, 2011
CNN, “Don’t Call Our Satellite Space Junk,’’ October 30, 2011
CNN Opinion, ”Dark energy, Science’s biggest mystery” October 9, 2011
CNN, “Lesson of a Falling Satellite,’’ September 23, 2011
Huffington Post, “Girls and the Future of Science,’’ July 19, 2011
CNN Opinion, “End of shuttle Isn’t End of Space Program,’’ July 22, 2011
CNN Opinion, “Heavenly Discoveries, Earthly Inventions,’’ August 2, 2011

Laura Wexler 
CNN, ”When Celebrities Share Secrets, Good Things Happen,” May 17, 2013
Minnesota Public Radio, “Midmorning’’ show, “Eyewitness Testimony Often Lies,’’ September 28, 2011
CNN, “Eyewitness Testimony Often Lies,’’ September 21, 2011

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