2012-2013 Public Voices Fellowship Cohort

Congratulations to our 2012-2013 Fellows for their incredible contributions to public thought leadership:

Jafari Allen
Huffington Post, ”On a Black, Queer Morehouse Commencement,” May 22, 2013
HuffPo Live (VIDEO), December 21, 2012

Mary Clark Moschella
Huffington Post (with Robin M. Masheb), When Religion and Science Collide,” March 29, 2013
Washington Post, Sin in Steubenville,” March 28, 2013
Aljazeera, “Stop Compartmentalizing the World and Put an End to Rape,“ February 12, 2013
Aljazeera, The Violence of Rape,” December 21, 2012
Huffington Post, “Choosing Lives: A Pastoral View on What is at Stake in This Election,” November 6, 2012
Huffington Post, “Caring for our Lives,” October 12, 2012

Kamari Clarke
Huffington Post, How Police Use Religion to Deceive Suspects,” March 21, 2013
New York Times, Treat Greed in Africa as a War Crime,” January 30, 2013

Daniel Colon-Ramos
The Chronicle of Higher Education, “Found in Translation: A Professor Searches for a Public Voice,” April 22, 2013
PBS Need to Know (with Giovanna Guerrero), “We are Not Starfish,” March 21, 2013
AL Jazeera“Cuts in Science Funding: Where is Our Country Heading?” March 1, 2013
Ted Blog, On Nature Versus Nurture: A Neuroscientist Knee Deep in Diapers Reflects,” December 11, 2012

Sarah Demers
Ted Blog, “The Still Tolerated Gender Bias in Science,“ March 29, 2013
The Atlantic, High-Energy Physics is Still a Worthwhile Investment,” March 7, 2013
Huffington Post, “New Year’s Resolutions from a New Particle,” December 20, 2012

Amity Doolittle
CNN, “My View: The Hard Lesson That Saving the World Isn’t Easy,” March 15, 2013
Huffington Post,  “The Thrill of Brazil,” January 5, 2013 

Crystal Feimster
Crystal Feimster, BackStory (RADIO), “Rules of Engagement: Ethics of Warfare,” February 1, 2013
The New York Times, ”Rape and Justice in the Civil War,” April 25, 2013 
Crystal Feimster,  New America Foundation (PANEL TALK), “The Central Park Five,” November 14, 2012 
Terri Frances
Shadow and Act, Interview: Kevin Everson,“ February 18, 2013
CNN, ”Gun Control: It’s on All of Us,” January 17, 2013
Beverly Gage 

Slate, Unanswered Questions About Watergate,” April 22, 2013
The New York Times, “Filibusters Should be Difficult, and Rare,“ April 18, 2013
PBS NewsHour (TV), Inauguration Coverage, January 17, 2013
Slate, Things Can Change,”  December 17, 2012
Slate, “How Close Was This Election? Very Close,” November 9, 2012

Inderpal Grewal
Huffington Post, “Guns and Women: Who is Being Protected?” March 5, 2013

Leora Horwitz
The Health Care Blog, “My Patient’s Keeper,” February 19, 2013
New York Times, “A Shortcut to Wasted Time,“ November 22, 2012

Marcia Inhorn 
CNN, Women, Consider Freezing Your Eggs,” April 9, 2013
Against the Grand (RADIO)“Islam, Infertility, and the Arab Diaspora,” February 11, 2013
Slate, I Am With the Uprising of Arab Women,” December 14, 2012
BBC Radio 4 (RADIO), “The New Arab Man,” October 10, 2012

Marianne LaFrance 
PBS Need to Know, Don’t Interrupt Me While I’m Talking,” October 12, 2012

Beth McGuire
Huffington Post, Shape-Shifting at the Movies,“ February 20, 2013
Alternet, “After Hurricane Sandy: How I Witnessed Taxpayer Dollars Go Down the Tube During Relief Efforts,” December 18, 2012
Beth McGuire, Huffington Post, Giving Gifts, Receiving Belonging,” December 23, 2012 

Mary Miller
NPR CT (RADIO), December 21, 2012
CNN“The Maya Collapsed–Could We?” December 2, 2012
Laura Wexler 
Melissa Harris-Perry Show, June 9, 2013


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