2015-2016 Public Voices Fellowship Cohort

Laura Barraclough:
Pacific Standard“The Rise of Homelessness in the Valley,” October 8, 2015
LA Times“In defense of Mexican rodeo,” October 22, 2015
LA Times, “If L.A. wants to be a world class city, it needs to stop micromanaging its public spaces,” November 11, 2015
Huffington Post, “Why White People Should Care About Anti-Racism on Campus,” February 24, 2016
Atlantic Citylab, “The Meaning of an Equestrian Center for Compton,” March 14, 2016

Cordelia Carter:
CNN, “Why are Kids injured more often in sports,” October 28, 2015

Anees B. Chagpar:
WNPR, “Guidelines for Mammograms and the Planned Parenthood Debate,” October 22, 2015
New Haven Register, “Male breast cancer survivor aims to raise awareness among men” October 19, 2015
UN Dispatch, “Getting Cancer on the Global Health Agenda,” October 27, 2015 

Women’s eNewsWomen Over 75 and Mammograms: Data Sorely Lacking,” November 17, 2015
Huffington Post, “Minorities Need to Be Included in Clinical Trials,” November 17, 2015
The Health Care Blog, “Physician Burnout Is An Epidemic,” February 5, 2016
The Health Care Blog, The Healthcare Questions We Need to Be Asking the Candidates,” February 28, 2016
Women’s eNews, “Starbucks Incident shouldn’t be so surprising to American women,” March 29, 2016
Quartz, “America’s ongoing lack of generic drugs is a matter of life and death,” April 3, 2016
Medium, “De Niro was right– we need to have a conversation about vaccines, just not the one he started,” April 6, 2016

Zoe Chance:
Yale Cancer Center Answers, “Making Healthy Choices,” January 3, 2016
Harvard Business Review, How Google Optimized Healthy Office Snacks,” March 3, 2016
Boston Globe, “How to eat more healthy snacks at work, according to research from the Google Food Team,” March 9, 2016 

Joan Cook:
The Conversation, “Does Psychotherapy research with trauma survivors underestimate the patient-therapist relationship? November 11, 2015 
Next Avenue, “The Tears They Cry: Women Veterans and PTSD,” November 30, 2015
Time Ideas, “This May Be Why Some Of Us Have Given Up On Gun Control,” December 2, 2015
NPR/WHYY​, “Radio Times interview on responses to mass violence,” December 8, 2015
Time Ideas, “How Not To Be Scared of Terrorism–Or Anything Else,” December 11, 2015
The Health Care Blog, “Enduring Effects of Trauma in Newtown and Beyond,” January 28, 2016
Time, “What Spotlight Teaches Us About Institutional Betrayal,” February 3, 2016
Pacific Standard, “From ‘Spotlight’ to Academic Conferences: How Can We Better Serve Male Survivors?”, February 23, 2016
Time Ideas, “Why People React to Terrorism News Differently,” March 22, 2016
David Susman Psychology Blog, “Anger Management for Voters?,” March 24, 2016
Ms., “How To Get College Men To Stop Campus Rape,” April 6, 2016
Truth Out, “Why Donald Trump Needs Empathy Training” April 14, 2016
CommonHealth, “Narrating Medicine: The Long Lasting Impact of Child Abuse” April 20, 2016
Women’s eNews​, “Rape Trauma is Too Serious to Not Know Our Safety Options” April 21, 2016
Time, “Doctor-Assisted Suicide Cannot Be an Answer for Trauma Victims” May 12, 2016
Women’s eNews, “Let’s Stop States from Shackling Female Prisoners in childbirth” May 15, 2016
Time, “Supporting Trump is a Form of Victim Blaming,” June 10, 2016
Time, “The Psychology of Hate,” June 13, 2016
The Huffington Post, “Homophobia: A Non-Communicable Social Disease,” June 21, 2016
Time, “Emile Weaver and the Dangers of Denial” June 29, 2016
CNN, “Police could face this invisible injury” July 12, 2016

Marsha Guess:
Greatist, “The Biggest Misconceptions About Sex, According to Experts,” February 23, 2016
San Francisco Chronicle, “Gross ‘Deadpool’ OK, but talking about female health isn’t?,” March 5, 2016

Nicola Hawley:
Women’s eNews, ”Rising Obesity Threatens Global Progress on Maternal Health,” December 1, 2015

Albert Sergio Laguna:
CNN, “One class all students should take,” November 10, 2015
The Washington Post, “Americans tourists want to see a Cuba that Cubans want to leave behind,” March 20, 2016

Laura Morrison:
Quartz, “We Can’t Cheat Death – But We Can Control How We Die,” June 9, 2016
The Huffington Post, “It’s Time to Train All Doctors on how to talk to patients about end-of-life care,” June 15, 2016

Christine Ngaruiya:
The Hill, “Silent Killers: pandemic of the 21st century,” October 13, 2015
TruthOut, “Lessons from the Ebola Epidemic,November 17, 2015
Medium​, “America the great…third world country?” November 18, 2015

Medium/Development Set, “Do I Have Your Consent?” December 16, 2015
Huffington Post Entertainment, “Nicki Minaj and Ne-Yo Take the Stage in Controversial Africa Performances: Where Do We Draw the Line?”, January 23, 2016
The World Post, Why Syrian Refugees May Find Less Solace With Us Than Our Favorite Hunger Games Heroes and Heroines,” January 21, 2016
Huffington Post Healthy Living, “Robert Kardashian Health Scare Is a Window Into an Epidemic Afflicting the Rest of the World,” February 6, 2016
Tilde Cafe, “Global Noncommunicable Diseases: An Epidemic of Silent Killers,” April 5, 2016
TruthOut, “Neocolonialism Served to Me on a Platter: A Kenyan Doctor’s Experience on Returning Home,” April 6, 2016
Medium, “The Media’s Assault On Humanity–a Tale of Two Cities,” April 6, 2016
Global Health Now, “NCD Focus Lags Behind Global Need” May 31, 2016
The Huffington Post, “Celebrating Immigrant Heritage Month: The Kenyan and the Kettlecorn”, June 16, 2016
TruthOut, The Emancipation of the Minority Academic,” June 17, 2016
Medium, “Christian versus academic physician: hell of heavenly union?” June 19, 2016
The World Post, “World Refugee Day Passes Without Notice, Syrian Refugee Crisis Lingers On,” June 27, 2016

Liane Philpotts:
Deepti Pradhan:
Huffington Post, “More than a body of knowledge,” October 28, 2015
Lynne Regan:

Medium, “It’s National Teacher Appreciation Day! Why more and better Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education is vital” October 18, 2015

Anna Reisman:

The Health Care Blog, “The Last Checklist,” October 18, 2015
Yale News, “The heart of medicine: Dr. Anna Reisman on how the humanities inform medical practice,” November 20, 2015
Cognoscent/WBUR, The Best Kept Secret In Health Care: Or, Doctor Doesn’t Always Know Best,” January 4, 2015
Slate, “The Last Rotation,” January 6, 2016
New England Journal of Medicine, “Gifts,” January 21, 2016
Chronicle of Higher Education, “Stories of Sleazy Professors,” January 25, 2016
CommonHealth, “Narrating Medicine: The Patient Who Peppers You With Questions is Not Being ‘Difficult,’” March 29, 2016
The Washington Post, “Who are the biggest winners of science fairs today? It’s not the kids,” April 28, 2016
CommonHealth, Narrating Medicine: Let’s Talk Bedpans, And Why Doctors Should Get Good With Them,” May 4, 2016
Yale Alumni Magazine“Bastards of the Reagan Era,” May 30, 2016
Cognoscenti/WBUR, “A Syllabus for Empathy – Or Why Health Care Workers Should Read Poetry,” June 2, 2016
Slate, “When the Medicine Doesn’t Work,” June 23, 2016

Marjorie Rosenthal:

Women’s eNews, “My Daughter’s Pink Cleat Laces Make Me Wonder,” October 26, 2015
Time Ideas, “Why We Need to Talk About Alzheimer’s,” November 23, 2015
SGIM Forum, “A Graphic Experience While Getting Chemotherapy,” January 4, 2016 
Cognoscenti/WBUR, “Harming Patient Satisfaction In The Process Of Measuring It,” January 11, 2016
Port*land, PechaKucha Speakers Series. January 22, 2016.
The Health Care Blog, “Enduring Effects of Trauma in Newtown and Beyond,” January 28, 2016
Boston Globe, “After Flint, why would anyone trust a family doctor?”, February 8, 2016
Time Ideas, “Brandi Chastain is a Role Model for Safety,” March 17, 2016
CommonHealth, “Narrating Medicine: How Cultural Differences Challenge Doctors,” March 23, 2016
Medium, “Parenting Through Groundhog Day,” April 7, 2016
CommonHealth, “She Wiped Her Nose, Then Prepped My Biopsy” April 15, 2016
CommonHealth, “Pediatrician Asks, Why Can’t I Talk To You About Guns In The Home?” May 11, 2016
Kevin MD, “Talking to Our Children about Terrorism Now – When we are not in Crisis Mode,” May 25, 2016
CommonHealth, Narrating Medicine: What I Learned About Cancer Survivorship Clinics,” June 8, 2016

Merceditas Villanueva:

Pacific Standard, “Beating AIDS with the Help of Big Data - and Engaging Directly with your care,” November 10, 2015
WTNH Channel 8 - New Haven, “New Haven woman unlikely risk for HIV/AIDS,” November 17, 2015
HuffPo, “What Ryan White Teaches Us, 25 Years After His Death,” December 28, 2015
HuffPo, “Moving Forward with Faculty Diversity at Yale,” January 22, 2016

Marney White:
Washington Post, “To Prevent Suicide in College, Make Mental Health Screening Mandatory,” December 21, 2015
MSN, “Va. Tech Murder Plot Suspect Was No Longer Seeing Mental Health Counselor,” February 7, 2016
Washington Post, “Academia and Motherhood: We can have both,” April 27, 2016
Chronicle of Higher Education, “Mean Girls with PhDs,” June 14, 2016

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