Public Voices Fellowship: Thank you for a great year!

From left to right: Nancy Alexander, Melinda Pettigrew, Jaimie Meyer, Linda Arnold (fellows 2014-2015)
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

2014-2015 was a great year for the Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellowship. Fellows learned, through creating op-eds and other new media, to think broadly about how to use their expertise to shape important public issues. Under the guidance of journalists from the Op-Ed Project (OEP), the 2014-2015 fellows produced 40+ op-eds in major publications, interviews, and Ted Ed videos. As a result of these successes, some received invitations to apply for grants or to appear on national media. Others touched the lives and minds of people in need. We could not be more proud. 

You can click here to view a full list of their publications, or check out our Public Voices Fellowship page for list of fellows’ successes for the last four years.

Please watch this short video by the fellows discussing the program and its impact.

Yale PFV 2015 FINE CUT 12 creditfix from Mary Olive Smith on Vimeo.

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