Inaugural Talk for “Knowing”: The New WFF Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On November 7 at 4:00 p.m., Karen Wynn, Yale Professor of Psychology, gave the opening talk in our year-long interdisciplinary lecture series, “Knowing.” The series is loosely modeled after the Darwin Lecture Series at Cambridge, in which scholars from diverse fields come together to reflect on a core theme.

Professor Wynn’s talk was titled “What Do Babies Know About Right and Wrong?” Her fascinating research findings suggest that even in the first few months of life, we are already evaluating others along numerous dimensions. These evaluations guide our own behaviors toward others, and also inform how we wish others to be treated.

Prof. Wynn’s talk generated lively conversation and questions from the attendees, who braved the season’s first blizzard to make it to this wonderful event!

Please do mark your calendars for the coming lectures in the series. This year’s theme of “Knowing” will be addressed by a truly fantastic lineup of women scholars, including Rebecca Goldstein on Dec. 5, Dean Mary Miller on Jan. 23, Beatrice Gruendler on Feb. 27, Jo Handelsman on March 27, and Laura Wexler on April 24. Please write for more information.

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