2024 - 2025 Public Voices Fellowship Application Now Open

The Women Faculty Forum will again host Yale’s Public Voices Fellowship in 2024-2025.  First piloted at Yale in 2011, PVF is a collaboration between WFF and The OpEd Project.  With a mission to diversify public discourse by creating pathways for minority voices to enter and reshape the intellectual and policy debates of our time, the Public Voices team is widely recognized for its expertise in facilitation around leadership, diversity, and inclusion.  For over a decade it has been a unique and impactful program at Yale.

Important application details:

  • One-year fellowship; with coaching through the academic year (9 mos.) and 3 month follow up support.
  • Four discovery- based convenings; attendance is mandatory for all.
  • Scheduled dates of convenings are included in application.
  • The application does not save your work; please review the form and prepare your answers before completing the application. 
  • Completed applications are due June 15, 2024.

The Public Voices Fellowship 2024-2025 Application

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