Casey Odesser

Casey Odesser

Casey Odesser is a sophomore double-majoring in American Studies with a visual arts concentration and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Her WFF Seed Grant supports an undergraduate art exhibition entitled “SAP: Cynicism and Sincerity in Sync” staged in the fraternity house Sig Ep. SAP is a multifaceted exploration of how power dynamics invisibly shape our comportment in social spaces. It specifically hinges on an exploitation of sincerity to counteract culturally dominant modes of cynicism, using emotion as a political tool against social inertia. She hopes that this project, which primarily features voices excluded from the space, will be a moment of collective transformation and solidarity with the goal of promoting representation and visibility on the artists’ terms.

Grant Title and Presentation: “SAP:” Cynicism and Sincerity in Sync

Where to Find Us

The Yale Women Faculty Forum
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