Chair’s Note

Welcome to the Women Faculty Forum!

In July 2017 I stepped into the position of WFF Chair and am honored to lead the organization’s efforts on promoting gender equity at Yale. Even within just a few short months, I am pleased with what we have been able accomplish: most notably, the launch the new Seed Grant program and the release of our five-year report on the status of the faculty, The View.  Especially at this pivotal moment, it is of great importance to advance WFF’s goals of promoting fairness, equity, equality, visibility, and recognition at the University. As we continue to work towards these endeavors, I welcome feedback on the direction of our efforts and hope to broaden our membership and impact on the University.

Where to Find Us

The Yale Women Faculty Forum
205 Whitney Avenue, Suite 301B
New Haven, CT 06511

(203) 436-2978

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