History of Events & Programs

Bringing Communities Together

The WFF aims to connect faculty at Yale who care about gender equality on campus and in the world. We believe in the value of the conversations these scholars have together, both for the betterment of their work and for the well-being of our university community.

From this belief has grown our work organizing events and programming on campus. As an institution, the WFF has developed a wealth of knowledge about organizing conferences, workshops, lectures, luncheons, and other programming. These events bring together like-minded people within the Yale community who nonetheless share with us (and each other) a wide variety of experiences and opinions. Out of these conversations grow shared understandings, opportunities for support, and capacity for institutional criticism. In this way, we hope that these gatherings can enable needed changes within the Yale community.

Histories of WFF events and programming are available on the pages to the left. Feel free to call or email with questions and comments!