WFF & GSAS Gender and Diversity Fellowships

In honor of the 50th and 150th anniversaries of coeducation, and the 125th anniversary of Ph.D. education, WFF & GSAS have launched the Gender and Diversity Fellowships in the 2019-2020 academic year for Yale graduate and professional school students.

The Fellowship supports students whose research intersects with the advancement of gender equity and diversity at Yale. We have sought out scholars whose work or area of interest contributes to current issues and policies related to gender and diversity, with a preference to those interested in higher education but also with the intention to expand our community of scholars. We have an interdisciplinary cohort of four individuals who will enrich our intellectual community with their varying perspectives.

Fellows are expected to share their work at least once in the academic year and participate in Fellowship presentations with our members in a lunchtime talk series. 

Where to Find Us

The Yale Women Faculty Forum
205 Whitney Avenue, Suite 301B
New Haven, CT 06511


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