Sexual Misconduct at Yale

Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Education:
SHARE is available to undergraduate, graduate and professional school students at Yale who are dealing with sexual misconduct of any kind. Students turn to us with a variety of concerns, large and small, and we assist in whatever way we can. Sometimes we have a one-time phone consultation. More often, that first phone call leads to meeting in person, exploring options for response, and working to make sure that the caller gets whatever ongoing assistance she or he needs.

SHARE responders are Yale University mental health professionals. All calls to SHARE are confidential, and can be anonymous if you wish. We will offer information and support, and sometimes recommendations, but we won’t tell you what to do—our goal is to help you make your own informed, empowered decisions.

Report of the Yale University Women Faculty Forum Council on Sexual Misconduct at Yale October 2009
The primary goal of this report by the Yale University Women Faculty Forum Council is to help Yale University develop and appropriately implement effective policies and procedures to prevent and respond to sexual misconduct in accordance with best practices and applicable law. We aspire to do more than generate a series of rules, however; we also seek to strengthen a community that values the open and free exchange of ideas, respects all of its diverse members, and appreciates their unique contributions.