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Preparing for Life’s Pivotal Moments: A Leadership Workshop with Shana Ross

Life has frequent turning points. They are the product of all that comes before them: the job talk that wows (or doesn’t) new colleagues, the story told by the collected evaluations of your students, the moment your tenure submission leaves your hands entirely.  Your ability to “write” your own preferred outcomes at each of these points is a combination of your ability to anticipate the actions of others, the quality of your strategies to influence those actions, and your skill in executing those strategies.  This workshop will help you think about ways to take a proactive and long-term view in building your professional relationships and credibility by walking through exercises designed to offer the wisdom and perspective of several types of theatrical professionals: writers, directors and actors.

Leadership Training Workshops with Shana Ross aim to provide a range of tools and opportunities for faculty to learn best practices and innovative strategies in the realm of leadership. Shana Ross’s workshops focus on improvisation, one of the most essential underpinnings of an actor’s craft.  Improvisation is the product of finely honed skills in communication and adaptation, tools that are as useful in professional life as they are to exploring authentic characters on a stage.  These workshops provide an introduction to several exercises used to train actors, as well as a primer on emotional intelligence and its use in business settings.   

Shana Ross holds a BA in theater studies from Yale College and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. She is the founder/principal of Vili and Ve Solutions, a strategy consulting and executive coaching practice based in New Haven.